Exploring The Opportunities of AR for Enriching Storytelling With Family Photos Among Grandparents and Grandchildren


Storytelling with family photos, as an important mode of reminiscence-based activities, can be instrumental in promoting intergenerational communication between grandparents and grandchildren by strengthening generation bonds and shared family values. Motivated by challenges that existing technology approaches encountered for improving intergenerational storytelling (e.g., the need to hold the tablet, the potential view detachment from the physical world in Virtual Reality (VR)), we sought to find new ways of using Augmented Reality (AR) to support intergenerational storytelling, which offers new capabilities (e.g., 3D models, new interactivity) to enhance the expression for the storyteller. We conducted a two-part exploratory study, where pairs of grandparents and grandchildren 1) participated in an in-person storytelling activity with a semi-structured interview 2) and then a participatory design session with AR technology probes that we designed to inspire their exploration. Our findings revealed insights into the possible ways of intergenerational storytelling, the feasibility and usages of AR in facilitating it, and the key design implications for leveraging AR in intergenerational storytelling.

ACM Interaction Mobile Wearable Ubiquitous Technology 2023