Best Paper Awards in Human-Computer Interaction

Background : When I started my academic career in the Computational Media and Arts (CMA) Thrust at HKUST in July 2021, I realized that our students had incredibly diverse academic backgrounds ranging from arts, humanities to sciences and engineering. While they, as many other aspiring students and scholars, are eager to explore the beauty of the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), they are often overwhelmed by the daunting amount of papers published in the field. As a result, I started to build this repo of papers that won Best Paper Awards, and I hope this resource could be useful for new comers as well as HCI students and scholars who are interested in learning more from their peers.

Keep in mind that papers that won Best Paper Awards are unnecessarily the ones that have most significant impacts to the field and our societies. Nonetheless, such papers could be examples to learn writing styles, emerging research topics, research methods, or ways of execution.

The list contains the most recently published papers that won Best Paper awards or similar paper awards (e.g. lasting impact awards and honorable mention awards) in the following highly reputable HCI Conferences:

2021Best PaperWhat Do Hackathons Do? Understanding Participation in Hackathons Through Program Theory AnalysisJeanette Falk, Gopinaath Kannabiran, Nicolai Brodersen Hansen
2021Best PaperFalx: Synthesis-Powered Visualization AuthoringChenglong Wang, Yu Feng, Rastislav Bodik, Isil Dillig, Alvin Cheung, Amy J Ko
2021Best Paper"Can I Not Be Suicidal on a Sunday?": Understanding Technology-Mediated Pathways to Mental Health SupportSachin R Pendse, Amit Sharma, Aditya Vashistha, Munmun De Choudhury, Neha Kumar
2021Best PaperCapContact: Super-resolution Contact Areas from Capacitive TouchscreensPaul Streli, Christian Holz
2021Best PaperRadarNet: Efficient Gesture Recognition Technique Utilizing a Miniaturized Radar SensorEiji Hayashi, Jaime Lien, Nicholas Gillian, Leonardo Giusti, Dave Weber, Jin Yamanaka, Lauren Bedal, and Ivan Poupyrev
2021Best PaperScreen Recognition: Creating Accessibility Metadata for Mobile Applications from PixelsXiaoyi Zhang, Lilian de Greef, Amanda Swearngin, Samuel White, Kyle Murray, Lisa Yu, Qi Shan, Jeffrey Nichols, Jason Wu, Chris Fleizach, Aaron Everitt, Jeffrey P Bigham
2021Best PaperLGBTQ Persons' Pregnancy Loss Disclosures to Known Ties on Social Media: Disclosure Decisions and Ideal Disclosure EnvironmentsCassidy Pyle, Lee Roosevelt, Ashley Lacombe-Duncan, Nazanin Andalibi
2021Best PaperIncreasing Electrical Muscle Stimulation?s Dexterity by means of Back of the Hand ActuationAkifumi Takahashi, Jas Brooks, Hiroyuki Kajimoto, Pedro Lopes
2021Best PaperDesigning Menstrual Technologies with AdolescentsMarie Louise Juul S?ndergaard, Marianela Ciolfi Felice, Madeline Balaam
2021Best PaperThe Show Must Go On: A conceptual model of conducting synchronous participatory design with children onlineKung Jin Lee, Wendy Roldan, Tian Qi Zhu, Harkiran Kaur Saluja, Sungmin Na, Britnie Chin, Yilin Zeng, Jin Ha Lee, Jason Yip
2021Best PaperBuilding for ?We?: Safety Settings for Couples with Memory ConcernsNora McDonald, Helena M. Mentis
2021Best PaperOh, Snap! A Fabrication Pipeline to Magnetically Connect Conventional and 3D-Printed ElectronicsMartin Schmitz, Jan Riemann, Florian M?ller, Steffen Kreis, Max M?hlh?user
2021Best PaperGetting Ourselves Together: Epistemic Burden and Data-centered Participatory Design ResearchJennifer Pierre, Roderic Crooks, Morgan Currie, Britt Paris, Irene Pasquetto
2021Best Paper"Everyone wants to do the model work, not the data work": Data Cascades in High-Stakes AINithya Sambasivan, Shivani Kapania, Hannah Highfill, Diana Akrong, Praveen Paritosh, Lora M Aroyo
2021Best PaperResisting the Medicalisation of Menopause: Reclaiming the Body through DesignMarianela Ciolfi Felice, Marie Louise Juul S?ndergaard, Madeline Balaam
2021Best PaperU!Scientist: Designing for People-Powered Research in MuseumsMmachi God'sglory Obiorah, James K.L. Hammerman, Becky Rother, Will Granger, Haley Margaret West, Michael Horn, Laura Trouille
2021Best Paper?Why lose control?? A Study of Freelancers' Perspectives with Gig Economy PlatformsJuan Carlos Alvarez de la Vega, Marta E. Cecchinato, John Rooksby
2021Best Paper"That courage to encourage": Participation and Aspirations in Chat-based Peer Support for Youth Living with HIVNaveena Karusala, David Odhiambo Seeh, Cyrus Mugo, Brandon Guthrie, Megan A Moreno, Grace John-Stewart, Irene Inwani, Richard Anderson, Keshet Ronen
2021Best PaperThe Ethics of Multiplayer Game Design and Community Management: Industry Perspectives and ChallengesLucy A. Sparrow, Martin Gibbs, Michael Arnold
2021Best PaperCoupling Simulation and Hardware for Interactive Circuit DebuggingEvan Strasnick, Maneesh Agrawala, Sean Follmer
2021Best PaperImpact of Task on Attentional Tunneling in Handheld Augmented RealityBrandon Victor Syiem, Ryan M. Kelly, Jorge Goncalves, Eduardo Velloso, Tilman Dingler
2021Best PaperXRgonomics: Facilitating the Creation of Ergonomic 3D InterfacesJo?o Marcelo Evangelista Belo, Anna Maria Feit, Tiare Feuchtner, Kaj Gr?nb?k
2021Best PaperHeuristic Evaluation of Conversational AgentsRaina Langevin, Ross J Lordon, Thi Avrahami, Benjamin R. Cowan, Tad Hirsch, Gary Hsieh
2021Best PaperClandestino or Rifugiato? Anti-immigration Facebook Ad Targeting in ItalyArthur Capozzi, Gianmarco De Francisci Morales, Yelena Mejova, Corrado Monti, Andr? Panisson, Daniela Paolotti
2021Best PaperThe Landscape and Gaps in Open Source Fairness ToolkitsMichelle Seng Ah Lee, Jatinder Singh
2021Best PaperUnderstanding Data Accessibility for People with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesKeke Wu, Emma Petersen, Tahmina Ahmad, David Burlinson, Shea Tanis, Danielle Albers Szafir
2021Best PaperHow to Evaluate Object Selection and Manipulation in VR? Guidelines from 20 Years of StudiesJoanna Bergstr?m, Tor-Salve Dalsgaard, Jason Alexander, Kasper Hornb?k
2021Best PaperDesigning Interactive Transfer Learning Tools for ML Non-ExpertsSwati Mishra, Jeffrey M Rzeszotarski
2020Best PaperPenSight: Enhanced Interaction with a Pen-Top CameraFabrice Matulic, Riku Arakawa, Brian Vogel & Daniel Vogel
2020Best PapertexSketch: Active Diagramming through Pen-and-Ink AnnotationsHariharan Subramonyam, Colleen Seifert, Priti Shah & Eytan Adar
2020Best PaperDesigning Clinical AAC Tablet Applications with Adults who have Mild Intellectual DisabilitiesRyan Colin Gibson, Mark D. Dunlop, Matt-Mouley Bouamrane & Revathy Nayar
2020Best PaperRobots for Inclusive Play: Co-designing an Educational Game With Visually Impaired and sighted ChildrenOussama Metatla, Sandra Bardot, Clare Cullen, Marcos Serrano & Christophe Jouffrais
2020Best PaperMental Models of AI Agents in a Cooperative Game SettingKaty Ilonka Gero, Zahra Ashktorab, Casey Dugan, Qian Pan, James Johnson, Werner Geyer, Maria Ruiz, Sarah Miller, David R. Millen, Murray Campbell, Sadhana Kumaravel & Wei Zhang
2020Best PaperColor and Animation Preferences for a Light Band eHMI in Interactions Between Automated Vehicles and PedestriansDebargha Dey, Azra Habibovic, Bastian Pfleging, Marieke Martens & Jacques Terken
2020Best PaperMRAT: The Mixed Reality Analytics ToolkitMichael Nebeling, Maximilian Speicher, Xizi Wang, Shwetha Rajaram, Brian D. Hall, Zijian Xie, Alexander R. E. Raistrick, Michelle Aebersold, Edward G. Happ, Jiayin Wang, Yanan Sun, Lotus Zhang, Leah E. Ramsier & Rhea Kulkarni
2020Best PaperCritical Race Theory for HCIIhudiya Finda Ogbonnaya-Ogburu, Angela D.R. Smith, Alexandra To & Kentaro Toyama
2020Best PaperWrex: A Unified Programming-by-Example Interaction for Synthesizing Readable Code for Data ScientistsIan Drosos, Titus Barik, Philip J. Guo, Robert DeLine & Sumit Gulwani
2020Best PaperCo-Designing Checklists to Understand Organizational Challenges and Opportunities around Fairness in AIMichael A. Madaio, Luke Stark, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan & Hanna Wallach
2020Best PaperTransparency of CHI Research Artifacts: Results of a Self-Reported SurveyChat Wacharamanotham, Lukas Eisenring, Steve Haroz & Florian Echtler
2020Best PaperWireality: Enabling Complex Tangible Geometries in Virtual Reality with Worn Multi-String HapticsCathy Fang, Yang Zhang, Matthew Dworman & Chris Harrison
2020Best Paper Touching and Being in Touch with the Menstruating BodyNadia Campo Woytuk, Marie Louise Juul S?ndergaard, Marianela Ciolfi Felice & Madeline Balaam
2020Best Paper Designing Ambient Narrative-Based Interfaces to Reflect and Motivate Physical ActivityElizabeth L. Murnane, Xin Jiang, Anna Kong, Michelle Park, Weili Shi, Connor Soohoo, Luke Vink, Iris Xia, Xin Yu, John Yang-Sammataro, Grace Young, Jenny Zhi, Paula Moya & James A. Landay
2020Best PaperA Design Engineering Approach for Quantitatively Exploring Context-Aware Sentence Retrieval for Nonspeaking Individuals with Motor DisabilitiesPer Ola Kristensson, James Lilley, Rolf Black & Annalu Waller
2020Best PaperReFind: Design, Lived Experience and Ongoingness in BereavementJayne Wallace, Kyle Montague, Trevor Duncan, Lu??s P. Carvalho, Nantia Koulidou, Jamie Mahoney, Kellie Morrissey, Claire Craig, Linnea Iris Groot, Shaun Lawson, Patrick Olivier, Julie Trueman & Helen Fisher
2020Best PaperDesigning and Evaluating Calmer, a Device for Simulating Maternal Skin-to-Skin Holding for Premature InfantsSabrina Hauser, Melinda J. Suto, Liisa Holsti, Manon Ranger & Karon E. MacLean
2020Best PaperOn Being Iterated: The Affective Demands of Design ParticipationPaul Dourish, Christopher Lawrence, Tuck Wah Leong & Greg Wadley
2020Best PaperThe Role of Everyday Sounds in Advanced Dementia CareMaarten Houben, Rens Brankaert, Saskia Bakker, Gail Kenning, Inge Bongers & Berry Eggen
2020Best Paper Isness: Using Multi-Person VR to Design Peak Mystical Type Experiences Comparable to PsychedelicsDavid R. Glowacki, Mark D. Wonnacott, Rachel Freire, Becca R. Glowacki, Ella M. Gale, James E. Pike, Tiu de Haan, Mike Chatziapostolou & Oussama Metatla
2020Best Paper Me vs. Super(wo)man: Effects of Customization and Identification in a VR ExergameJordan Koulouris, Zoe Jeffery, James Best, Eamonn O??Neill & Christof Lutteroth
2020Best PaperArticulating Experience: Reflections from Experts Applying Micro-Phenomenology to Design Research in HCIMirjana Prpa, Sarah Fdili-Alaoui, Thecla Schiphorst & Philippe Pasquier
2020Best PaperDesigning Trans Technology: Defining Challenges and Envisioning Community-Centered SolutionsOliver L. Haimson, Dykee Gorrell, Denny L. Starks & Zu Weinger
2020Best PaperConnecting Distributed Families: Camera Work for Three-party Mobile Video CallsYumei Gan, Christian Greiffenhagen & Stuart Reeves
2020Best PaperCreating Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications: Current Practices, Challenges, and OpportunitiesNarges Ashtari, Andrea Bunt, Joanna McGrenere, Michael Nebeling & Parmit K. Chilana
2020Best PaperExploring How Game Genre in Student-Designed Games Influences Computational Thinking DevelopmentGiovanni Maria Troiano, Qinyu Chen, Angela Vargas Alba, Gregorio Robles, Michael Cassidy, Eli Tucker-Raymond, Gillian Puttick & Casper Harteveld
2020Best Paper Beyond the Prototype: Understanding the Challenge of Scaling Hardware Device ProductionRushil Khurana & Steve Hodges
2020Best Paper Techniques for Flexible Responsive Visualization DesignJane Hoffswell, Wilmot Li & Zhicheng Liu
2020Best PaperTrigeminal-based Temperature IllusionsJas Brooks, Steven Nagels & Pedro Lopes
2020Best PaperDesign Study "Lite" Methodology: Expediting Design Studies and Enabling the Synergy of Visualization Pedagogy and Social GoodUzma Haque Syeda, Prasanth Murali, Lisa Roe, Becca Berkey & Michelle A. Borkin
2020Best PaperBug or Feature? Covert Impairments to Human Computer InteractionJohn V Monaco
2019Best Paper"Occupational Therapy is Making": Design Iteration and Digital Fabrication in Occupational TherapyMegan Hofmann, Kristin Williams, Toni Kaplan, Stephanie Valencia, Gabriella Han, Scott E Hudson, Jennifer Mankoff, Patrick Carrington
2019Best Paper"I feel it is my responsibility to stream": Streaming and Engaging with Intangible Cultural Heritage through LivestreamingZhicong Lu, Michelle Annett, Mingming Fan, Daniel Wigdor
2019Best PaperGuerilla Warfare and the Use of New (and Some Old) Technology: Lessons from FARC??s Armed Struggle in ColombiaDebora, Castro, Leal, Max Kr??ger, Kaoru Misaki, Dave Randall, Volker Wulf
2019Best PaperInvestigating Slowness as a Frame to Design Longer-Term Experiences with Personal Data: A Field Study of OllyWilliam Odom, Ron Wakkary, Jeroen Hol, Bram Naus, Pepijn Verburg, Tal Amram, Amy Yo Sue Chen
2019Best PaperEngagement with Mental Health Screening on Mobile Devices: Results from an Antenatal Feasibility StudyKevin Doherty, Jose Marcano-Belisario, Martin Cohn, Nikolaos Mastellos, Cecily Morrison, Josip Car, Gavin Doherty
2019Best PaperAnchored Audio Sampling: A Seamless Method for Exploring Children's Thoughts During Deployment StudiesAlexis Hiniker, Jon Froehlich, Mingrui Ray Zhang, Erin Beneteau
2019Best PaperUnremarkable AI: Fitting Intelligent Decision Support into Critical, Clinical Decision-Making ProcessesQian Yang, Aaron Steinfeld, John Zimmerman
2019Best PaperOnline grocery delivery services: An opportunity to address food disparities in transportation-scarce areasTawanna R Dillahunt, Sylvia Simioni, Xuecong Xu
2019Best PaperVoice User Interfaces in Schools: Co-designing for Inclusion With Visually-Impaired and Sighted PupilsOussama Metatla, Alison Oldfield, Taimur Ahmed, Antonis Vafeas, Sunny Miglani
2019Best PaperIncreasing the Transparency of Research Papers with Explorable Multiverse AnalysesPierre Dragicevic, Yvonne Jansen, Abhraneel Sarma, Matthew Kay, Fanny Chevalier
2019Best PaperGeppetto: Enabling Semantic Design of Expressive Robot BehaviorsRuta Desai, Fraser Anderson, Justin Matejka, Stelian Coros, James Lewis McCann, George Fitzmaurice, Tovi Grossman
2019Best PaperProject Sidewalk: A Web-based Crowdsourcing Tool for Collecting Sidewalk Accessibility Data At ScaleManaswi Saha, Michael Saugstad, Hanuma Teja Maddali, Aileen Zeng, Ryan Holland, Steven Bower, Aditya Dash, Sage Chen, Anthony Li, Kotaro Hara, Jon Froehlich
2019Best PaperTouchstone2: An Interactive Environment for Exploring Trade-offs in HCI Experiment DesignAlexander Eiselmayer, Chat Wacharamanotham, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Wendy Elizabeth Mackay
2019Best PaperAffinityLens: Data-Assisted Affinity Diagramming with Augmented RealityHariharan Subramonyam, Steven Drucker, Eytan Adar
2019Best PaperA Translational Science Model for HCILucas Franco Colusso, Ridley Jones, Sean A. Munson, Gary Hsieh
2019Best PaperA Tale of Two Perspectives: A Conceptual Framework of User Expectations and Experiences of Instructional Fitness AppsAhed Aladwan, Ryan M Kelly, Steven Baker, Eduardo Velloso
2019Best PaperStreet-Level Algorithms: A Theory At The Gaps Between Policy and DecisionsAli Alkhatib, Michael Bernstein
2019Best PaperRisk vs. Restriction: The Tension between Providing a Sense of Normalcy and Keeping Foster Teens Safe OnlineKarla Badillo-Urquiola, Xinru Page, Pamela J. Wisniewski
2019Best PaperProtection, Productivity and Pleasure in the Smart Home: Emerging Expectations and Gendered Insights from Australian Early AdoptersYolande Strengers, Jenny Kennedy, Larissa Nicholls, Paula Arcari, Mel Gregg
2019Best PaperDetecting Personality Traits Using Eye-Tracking DataShlomo Berkovsky, Ronnie Taib, Irena Koprinska, Eileen Wang, Yucheng Zeng, Jingjie Li, Sabina Kleitman
2019Best PaperReType: Quick Text Editing with Keyboard and GazeShyamli Sindhwani, Christof Lutteroth, Gerald Weber
2019Best PaperData is Personal: Attitudes and Perceptions of Data Visualization in Rural PennsylvaniaEvan Peck, Omar El-Etr, Sofia E Ayuso
2019Best PaperPicMe: Interactive Visual Guidance for Taking Requested Photo CompositionMinju Kim, Jungjin Lee
2019Best PaperManaging Messes in Computational NotebooksAndrew Head, Fred Hohman, Titus Barik, Steven Drucker, Robert DeLine
2019Best PaperA Framework for the Experience of Meaning in Human-Computer InteractionElisa D Mekler, Kasper Hornb?k
2019Best PaperManagerial Visions: Stories of upgrading and maintaining the public restroom with IoTSarah Fox, Kiley Sobel, Daniela Rosner
2019Best PaperSocial Play in an Exergame: How the Need to Belong Predicts AdherenceMaximus D. Kaos, Ryan Rhodes, Perttu H?m?l?inen, T.C. Nicholas Graham
2019Best Paper"Think secure from the beginning": A Survey with Software DevelopersHala Assal, Sonia Chiasson
2019Best Paper"They don't leave us alone anywhere we go": Gender and Digital Abuse in South AsiaNithya Sambasivan, Amna Batool, Nova Ahmed, Tara Matthews, Kurt Thomas, Laura Sanely Gayt??n-Lugo, David Nemer, Elie Bursztein, Elizabeth Churchill, Sunny Consolvo

2021Best PaperOptoSense: Towards Ubiquitous Self-Powered Ambient Light Sensing SurfacesDingtian Zhang,Jung Wook Park,Yang Zhang,Yuhui Zhao,Yiyang Wang,Yunzhi Li,Tanvi Bhagwat,Wen-Fang Chou,Xiaojia Jia,Bernard Kippelen,Canek Fuentes-Hernandez,Thad Starner,Gregory D Abowd
2020Best WearableRFID Tattoo: A Wireless Platform for Speech RecognitionWang, Jingxian, Chengfeng Pan, Haojian Jin, Vaibhav Singh, Yash Jain, Jason I. Hong, Carmel Majidi, and Swarun Kumar
2020Best ImpactActiserv: Activity recognition service for mobile phonesMartin Berchtold, Matthias Budde, Dawud Gordon, Hedda R. Schmidtke and Michael Beigl
2019Best PaperMicro-Stress EMA: A Passive Sensing Framework for Detecting in-the-wild Stress in Pregnant MothersZachary D. King, Judith Moskowitz, Begum Egilmez, Shibo Zhang, Lida Zhang, Michael Bass, John Rogers, Roozbeh Ghaffari, Laurie Wakschlag, and Nabil Alshurafa
2019Best PaperAlvus: A Reconfigurable 2-D Wireless Charging SystemKazunobu Sumiya, Takuya Sasatani, Yuki Nishizawa, Kenji Tsushio, Yoshiaki Narusue, and Yoshihiro Kawahara
2019Best PaperHow does a nation walk? Interpreting large-scale step count activity with weekly streak patterns.Brian Y. Lim, Judy Kay,Weilong Liu
2019Best PaperTwo Tell-tale Perspectives of PTSD: Neurobiological Abnormalities and Bayesian Regulatory Network of the Underlying Disorder in a Refugee ContextFarhana Shahid, Wasifur Rahman, Anika Binte Islam, Nipi Paul, Nabila Khan, Mohammad Saifur Rahman, Md Munirul Haque, and A. B. M. Alim Al Islam
2019Best ImpactSwimMaster: a wearable assistant for swimmerMarc Bchlin, Kilian Frster, and Gerhard Trster
2019Best ImpactRecognizing daily activities with RFID-based sensorsMichael Buettner, Richa Prasad, Matthai Philipose, and David Wetherall
2019Best ImpactAdding GPS-Control to Traditional Thermostats: An Exploration of Potential Energy Savings and Design ChallengesManu Gupta, Stephen S. Intille, and Kent Larson
2018Best PaperYour Apps Give You Away: Distinguishing Mobile Users by Their App Usage FingerprintsZhen Tu, Runtong Li, Yong Li, Gang Wang, Di Wu, Pan Hui, Li Su, and Depeng Jin
2018Best PaperSoberMotion: Leveraging the Force of Probation Officers to Reduce the Risk of DUI RecidivismChuang-Wen You, Ya-Fang Lin, Yaliang Chuang, Ya-Han Lee, Pei-Yi Hsu, Shih-Yao Lin, Chih-Chun Chang, Yi-Ju Chung, Yi-Ling Chen, Ming-Chyi Huang, Ping-Hsuan Shen, Hsin-Tung Tseng, and Hao-Chuan Wang
2018Best ImpactFlowers or a Robot Army? Encouraging Awareness & Activity with Personal, Mobile Displays Sunny Consolvo, Predrag Klasnja, David W. McDonald, Daniel Avrahami, Jon Froehlich, Louis LeGrand, Ryan Libby, Keith Mosher, James A. Landay
2018Best ImpactPedestrian Localisation for Indoor EnvironmentsOliver Woodman, Robert Harle
2018Best ImpactDetecting Human Movement by Differential Air Pressure Sensing in HVAC System Ductwork: An Exploration in Infrastructure Mediated SensingShwetak Patel, Matt Reynolds, Gregory Abowd
2017Best PaperDetecting Gaze Towards Eyes in Natural Social Interactions and Its Use in Child AssessmentEunji Chong, Katha Chanda, Zhefan Ye, Audrey Southerland, Nataniel Ruiz, Rebecca M. Jones, Agata Rozga, and James M. Rehg
2017Best PaperLoRa Backscatter: Enabling The Vision of Ubiquitous ConnectivityVamsi Talla, Mehrdad Hessar, Bryce Kellogg, Ali Najafi, Joshua R. Smith, and Shyamnath Gollakota
2017Best PaperInvisibleEye: Mobile Eye Tracking Using Multiple Low-Resolution Cameras and Learning-Based Gaze EstimationMarc Tonsen, Julian Steil, Yusuke Sugano, Andreas Bulling
2016Best PaperDiscovering Different Kinds of Smartphone Users Through Their Application Usage BehaviorsSha Zhao, Julian Ramos, Jianrong Tao, Ziwen Jiang, Shijian Li, Zhaohui Wu, Gang Pan, Anind K. Dey
2016Best PaperWiFinger: Talk to Your Smart Devices with Finger-grained GestureHong Li, Wei Yang, Jianxin Wang, Yang Xu, Liusheng Huang
2016Best PaperEmotionCheck: Leveraging Bodily Signals and False Feedback to Regulate our EmotionsJean Costa, Alexander T. Adams, Malte F. Jung, Francois Guimbretiere, Tanzeem Choudhury
2016Best PaperHemaApp: Noninvasive Blood Screening of Hemoglobin using Smartphone CamerasEdward J. Wang, William Li, Doug Hawkins, Terry Gernsheimer, Colette Norby-Slycord, Shwetak Patel
2015Best PaperFrom Computational Thinking to Computational MakingJennifer Rode, Anne Weibert, Andrea Marshall, Konstantin Aal, Thomas von Rekowski, Houda El mimouni, Jennifer Booker
2015Best PaperDeepEar: Robust Smartphone Audio Sensing in Unconstrained Acoustic Environments Using Deep LearningNicholas Lane, Petko Georgiev, Lorena Qendro
2015Best PaperWhen Attention is not Scarce - Detecting Boredom from Mobile Phone UsageMartin Pielot, Tilman Dingler, Jose San Pedro, Nuria Oliver
2014Best PaperSecure Bootstrapping of Cloud-Managed Ubiquitous DisplaysMohit Sethi, Elena Oat, Mario Di Francesco, Tuomas Aura
2014Best PaperThe Architecture of Innovation: Tracking Face-to-Face Interactions with Ubicomp TechnologiesChloe Brown, Christos Efstratiou, Ilias Leontiadis, Daniele Quercia, Cecilia Mascolo, James Scott, Peter Key
2014Best PaperMoney Walks: A Human-Centric Study on the Economics of Personal Mobile DataJacopo Staiano, Nuria Oliver, Bruno Lepri, Rodrigo de Oliveira, Michele Caraviello, Nicu Sebe
2014Best PaperIntruders Versus Intrusiveness: Teens' and Parents' Perspectives on Home-Entryway SurveillanceBlase Ur, Jaeyeon Jung, Stuart Schechter

2020Best paperSo-called privacy breeds evil: Narrative Justifications for Intimate Partner Surveillance in Online ForumsRosanna Bellini, Emily Tseng, Nora McDonald, Rachel Greenstadt, Damon McCoy, Thomas Ristenpart, Nicola Dell
2020Best paperCommunityClick: Capturing and Reporting Community Feedback from Town Halls to Improve InclusivityMahmood Jasim, Pooya Khaloo, Somin Wadhwa, Amy X Zhang, Ali Sarvghad, Narges Mahyar
2020Best paperDecolonizing Tactics as Collective Resilience: Identity Work of AAPI Communities on RedditBryan Dosono, Bryan Semaan
2020Best paperHow Weve Taught Algorithms to See Identity: Constructing Race and Gender in Image Databases for Facial AnalysisMorgan Klaus Scheuerman, Caitlin Lustig, Kandrea Wade, Jed R Brubaker
2020Best paperBetween Subjectivity and Imposition: Power Dynamics in Data Annotation for Computer VisionMilagros Miceli, Martin Schuessler, Tianling Yang
2020Best paperSociocultural Dimensions of Tracking Health and Taking CareKarthik S Bhat, Neha Kumar
2020Best paperSocio-Spatial Comfort: Using Vision-based Analysis to Inform User-Centred Human-Building InteractionsBokyung Lee, Michael Lee, Alexander Tessier, Pan Zhang, daniel saakes, Azam Khan
2020Best paperPiracy and the Impaired Cyborg: Assistive Technologies, Accessibility, and AccessPriyank Chandra
2020Best paperThey Just Dont Get It: Towards Social Technologies for Coping with Interpersonal RacismAlexandra To, Wenxia Sweeney, Jessica Hammer, Geoff Kauffman
2019Best paperDeconstructing Community-Based Collaborative Design: Towards More Equitable Participatory Design EngagementsChristina Harrington, Sheena Erete, Anne Marie Piper
2019Best paperDoes Transparency in Moderation Really Matter?: User Behavior After Content Removal Explanations on RedditShagun Jhaver, Amy Bruckman, Eric Gilbert
2019Best paperHow Computers See Gender: An Evaluation of Gender Classification in Commercial Facial Analysis ServicesMorgan Klaus Scheuerman, Jacob M Paul, Jed R. Brubaker
2019Best paperHow Data Scientists Use Computational Notebooks for Real-Time CollaborationApril Yi Wang, Anant Mittal, Christopher Brooks, Steve Oney
2019Best paperSensing (Co)operations: Articulation and Compensation in the Robotic Operating RoomAmy Cheatle, Steven Jackson, Malte F Jung, Hannah RM Pelikan
2019Best paperThe Principles and Limits of Algorithm-in-the-Loop Decision MakingBen Green, Yiling Chen
2018Best paperEliciting Values Reflections by Engaging Privacy Futures Using Design WorkbooksRichmond Y. Wong, Deirdre K. Mulligan, Ellen Van Wyk, James Pierce, John Chuang
2018Best paperHacking with NPOs: Collaborative Analytics and Broker Roles in Civic Data HackathonsYouyang Hou, Dakuo Wang
2018Best paperCollaborative Problem Solving in an Open-Ended Scientific Discovery GameBauer, Aaron, Zoran Popovi_
2018Best paperTrust in Data Science: Collaboration, Translation, and Accountability in Corporate Data Science ProjectsSamir Passi, Steven J. Jackson
2018Best paperResolvable vs. Irresolvable Disagreement: A Study on Worker Deliberation in Crowd WorkMike Schaekermann, Joslin Goh, Kate Larson, Edith Law
2018Best paperEndorsements on Social Media: An Empirical Study of Affiliate Marketing Disclosures on YouTube and PinterestArunesh Mathur, Arvind Narayanan, Marshini Chetty
2018Best paperMaking Sense of Group Chat through Collaborative Tagging and SummarizationAmy X. Zhang, Justin Cranshaw
2018Best paperWe can go anywhere: Understanding independence through a case study of ride-hailing use by people with visual impairments in metropolitan IndiaVaishnav Kameswaran, Jatin Gupta, Joyojeet Pal, Sile O'Modhrain, Tiffany C. Veinot, Robin Brewer, Aakanksha Parameshwar, Vidhya Y, Jacki O'Neill
2018Best paperI Just Let Him Cry: Designing Socio-Technical Interventions in Families to Prevent Mental Health DisordersPetr Slovk, Nikki Theofanopoulou, Alessia Cecchet, Peter Cottrell, Ferran Altarriba Bertran, Ella Dagan, Julian Childs, Katherine Isbister
2018Best paperDomino: A Descriptive Framework for Hybrid Collaboration and Coupling Styles in Partially Distributed TeamsThomas Neumayr, Hans-Christian Jetter, Mirjam Augstein, Judith Friedl, Thomas Luger
2018Best paperApplications of Social Identity Theory to Research and Design in Social ComputingJoseph Seering, Felicia Ng, Zheng Yao, Geoff Kaufman
2017Best paperConnected Learning' and the Equity Agenda: A Microsociology of Minecraft PlayMorgan G. Ames, Jenna Burrell
2017Best paperAnyone Can Become a Troll: Causes of Trolling Behavior in Online DiscussionsJustin Cheng, Michael Bernstein, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Jure Leskovec
2017Best paperData Vision: Learning to See Through Algorithmic AbstractionSamir Passi, Steven Jackson
2017Best paperDefining Digital Self-HarmJessica Pater, Elizabeth Mynatt
2017Best paperGender and Cross-Cultural Differences in Social Media Disclosures of Mental IllnessMunmun De Choudhury, Sanket S. Sharma, Tomaz Logar, Wouter Eekhout, Ren Clausen Nielsen
2017Best paperDetailing a Spectrum of Motivational Forces Shaping Nomadic PracticesAparecido Fabiano Pinatti de Carvalho, Luigina Ciolfi, Breda Gray
2016Best paperYou Get Who You Pay for: The Impact of Incentives on Participation BiasGary Hsieh, Rafa_ Kocielnik
2016Best paperComplex Decision-Making in Clinical PracticeLine Silsand, Gunnar Ellingsen
2016Best paperConvivial Decay: Entangled Lifetimes in a Geriatric InfrastructureMarisa Leavitt Cohn
2015Best paperSupporting developers' coordination in the IDEA Guzzi, Alberto Bacchelli, Yann Riche, Arie Van Deursen

2020Best StudentLiving Disability Theory: Reflections on Access, Research, and DesignMegan Hofmann, Devva Kasnitz, Jennifer Mankoff, and Cynthia L Bennett
2020Best PaperInput Accessibility: A Large Dataset and Summary Analysis of Age, Motor Ability and Input PerformanceLeah Findlater and Lotus Zhang
2019Best PaperSign Language Recognition, Generation, and Translation: An Interdisciplinary PerspectiveDanielle Bragg, Oscar Koller, Mary Bellard, Larwan Berke, Patrick Boudreault, Annelies Braffort, Naomi Caselli, Matt Huenerfauth, Hernisa Kacorri, Tessa Verhoef, Christian Vogler and Meredith Morris
2019Best StudentDeep Learning for Automatically Detecting Sidewalk Accessibility Problems Using Streetscape ImageryGalen Weld, Esther Jang, Aileen Zeng, Anthony Li, Kurtis Heimerl and Jon Froehlich
2019Best ImpactSlide rule: making mobile touch screens accessible to blind people using multi-touch interaction techniquesShaun K. Kane, Jeffrey P. Bigham, Jacob O. Wobbrock
2018Best PaperModeling the Speed and Timing of American Sign Language to Generate Realistic AnimationsSedeeq Al-khazraji, Larwan Berke, Sushant Kafle, Peter Yeung, and Matt Huenerfauth
2018Best StudentInterdependence as a Frame for Assistive Technology Research and DesignCynthia Bennett, Erin Brady and Stacy Branham
2017Best PaperEvaluating the Usability of Automatically Generated Captions for People who are Deaf or Hard of HearingSushant Kafle and Matt Huenerfauth
2017Best ImpactProviding access to graphical user interfacesnot graphical screensW. K. Edwards, E. D. Mynatt and K. Stockton
2016Best PaperWould You Be Mine: Appropriating Minecraft as an Assistive Technology for Youth with AutismKathryn E. Ringland, Christine T. Wolf, LouAnne E. Boyd, Mark S. Baldwin and Gillian R. Hayes
2015Best PaperUnderstanding the Challenges Faced by Neurodiverse Software Engineering Employees: Towards a More Inclusive and Productive Technical WorkforceMeredith Ringel Morris, Andrew Begel and Ben Wiedermann
2015Best ImpactDesigning for dynamic diversity: interfaces for older peoplePeter Gregor, Alan F. Newell and Mary Zajicek
2014Best PaperTablet-based activity schedule for children with autism in mainstream environmentCharles Fage, Lonard Pommereau, Charles Consel, milie Balland and Hlne Sauzon

2020Best PaperHandMorph: a Passive Exoskeleton that Miniaturizes GraspJun Nishida, Soichiro Matsuda, Hiroshi Matsui, Shan-Yuan Teng, ziwei Liu, Kenji Suzuki, Pedro Lopes
2020Best PaperElaStick: A Handheld Variable Stiffness Display for Rendering Dynamic Haptic Response of Flexible ObjectNeung Ryu, Woojin Lee, Myung Jin Kim, Andrea Bianchi
2020Best PaperMulti-Modal Repairs of Conversational Breakdowns in Task-Oriented DialogsToby Li, Jingya Chen, Haijun Xia, Tom Mitchell, Brad Myers
2019Best PaperTipText: Eyes-Free Text Entry on a Fingertip KeyboardZheer Xu, Pui Chung Wong, Jun Gong, Te-Yen Wu, Aditya Nittala, Xiaojun Bi, Jrgen Steimle, Hongbo Fu, Kening Zhu, Xing-Dong Yang
2019Best PaperSoft Inkjet Circuits: Rapid Multi-Material Fabrication of Soft Circuits using a Commodity Inkjet PrinterArshad Khan, Joan Sol Roo, Tobias Kraus, Jrgen Steimle
2019Best PaperPhoto-Chromeleon: Re-Programmable Multi-Color Textures Using Photochromic DyesYuhua Jin, Isabel Qamar, Michael Wessely, Stefanie Mueller
2018Best PaperAuthoring and Verifying Human-Robot InteractionsDavid Porfirio, Allison Saupp, Aws Albarghouthi, Bilge Mutlu
2018Best PaperPorta: Profiling Software Tutorials Using Operating-System-Wide Activity TracingAlok Mysore, Philip J. Guo
2018Best PaperRESi: A Highly Flexible, Pressure-Sensitive, Imperceptible Textile Interface Based on Resistive YarnsPatrick Parzer, Florian Perteneder, Kathrin Probst, Christian Rendl, Joanne Leong, Sarah Schuetz, Anita Vogl, Reinhard Schwoediauer, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Siegfried Bauer, Michael Haller
2017Best PaperTriggering Artwork Swaps for Live AnimationNora S. Willett, Wilmot Li, Jovan Popovic, Adam Finkelstein
2017Best PaperGrabity: A Wearable Haptic Interface for Simulating Weight and Grasping in Virtual RealityInrak Choi, Heather Culbertson, Mark R. Miller, Alex Olwal, Sean Follmer
2017Best PaperAirCode: Unobtrusive Physical Tags for Digital FabricationDingzeyu Li, Avinash S. Nair, Shree K. Nayar, Changxi Zheng
2016Best PaperZooids: Building Blocks for Swarm User InterfacesMathieu Le Goc, Lawrence H. Kim, Ali Parsaei, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Pierre Dragicevic, Sean Follmer
2016Best PaperRovables: Miniature On-Body Robots as Mobile WearablesArtem Dementyev, Hsin-Liu (Cindy) Kao, Inrak Choi, Deborah Ajilo, Maggie Xu, Joseph A. Paradiso, Chris Schmandt, Sean Follmer
2016Best PaperViBand: High-Fidelity Bio-Acoustic Sensing Using Commodity Smartwatch AccelerometersGierad Laput, Robert Xiao, Chris Harrison
2016Best PaperproCover: Sensory Augmentation of Prosthetic Limbs Using Smart Textile CoversJoanne Leong, Patrick Parzer, Florian Perteneder, Teo Babic, Christian Rendl, Anita Vogl, Hubert Egger, Alex Olwal, Michael Haller
2015Best PaperFoldio: Digital Fabrication of Interactive and Shape-Changing Objects With Foldable Printed ElectronicsSimon Olberding, Sergio Soto Ortega, Klaus Hildebrandt, Jrgen Steimle
2015Best PaperOrbits: Gaze Interaction for Smart Watches using Smooth Pursuit Eye MovementsAugusto Esteves, Eduardo Velloso, Andreas Bulling, Hans Gellersen
2015Best PaperWebstrates: Shareable Dynamic MediaClemens N. Klokmose, James R. Eagan, Siemen Baader, Wendy Mackay, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
2014Best PaperSensing Techniques for Tablet+Stylus InteractionKen Hinckley, Michel Pahud, Hrvoje Benko, Pourang Irani, Franois Guimbretire, Marcel Gavriliu, Xiang 'Anthony' Chen, Fabrice Matulic, William Buxton, Andrew Wilson
2014Best PaperExpert Crowdsourcing with Flash TeamsDaniela Retelny, Sbastien Robaszkiewicz, Alexandra To, Walter S. Lasecki, Jay Patel, Negar Rahmati, Tulsee Doshi, Melissa Valentine, Michael S. Bernstein
2014Best PaperPrintScreen: Fabricating Highly Customizable Thin-film Touch-DisplaysSimon Olberding, Michael Wessely, Jrgen Steimle

2020Best PaperHow Proxy Tasks and Subjective Measures Can Be Misleading in Evaluating XAI SystemsZana Bu?inca, Phoebe Lin, Krzysztof Z. Gajos, and Elena L. Glassman
2019Best PaperPhoto Sleuth: Combining Human Expertise and Face Recognition to Identify Historical Portraits,Vikram Mohanty, David Thames, Sneha Mehta, and Kurt Luther
2017Best PaperUI X-Ray: Interactive Mobile UI Testing Based on Computer VisionChun-Fu Chen, Marco Pistoia, Conglei Shi, Paolo Girolami, Joseph Ligman, Yong Wang
2015Best Long PaperBinary Space Partitioning Layouts To Help Build Better Information DashboardsPatrick Hertzog
2015Best Short PaperInferring Meal Eating Activities in Real World Settings from Ambient Sounds: A Feasibility StudyEdison Thomaz, Cheng Zhang, Irfan Essa, Gregory D. Abowd

2021Best PaperA Taxonomy of Sounds in Virtual RealityDhruv Jain, Sasa Junuzovic, Eyal Ofek, Mike Sinclair , John R Porter, Chris Yoon , Swetha Machanavajhala, Meredith Ringel Morris
2021Best PaperThe Overlaps and Boundaries Between Service Design and User Experience DesignVirpi Roto , Jung-Joo Lee , Effie Lai-Chong Law , John Zimmerman
2021Best PaperWovenProbe: Probing Possibilities for Weaving Fully-Integrated On-Skin Systems Deployable in the FieldKunpeng Huang , Ruojia Sun, Ximeng Zhang, Md. Tahmidul Islam Molla , Margaret Dunne, Francois Guimbretiere , Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao
2021Best Paper"Why are they all obsessed with Gender?"(Non)binary Navigations through Technological InfrastructuresKatta Spiel
2020Best PaperParticipatory Memory Making : Creating Postcolonial Dialogic Engagements with Namibian YouthAsnath Paula Kambunga, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Rachel Charlotte Smith
2020Best PaperApplying Ability-Based Design Principles to Adaptive Outdoor ActivitiesAhmad Alsaleem, Ross Imburgia, Andrew Merryweather, Jeffrey Rosenbluth, Stephen Trapp, Jason Wiese
2020Best PaperCo-Designing with Orangutans: Enhancing the Design of Enrichment for AnimalsSarah Webber, Marcus Carter, Wally Smith, Frank Vetere
2020Best PaperPataphysical Software: (Ridiculous) Technological Solutions for Imaginary ProblemsMiguel Sicart, Irina Shklovski
2020Best PaperOvercoming Reserve - Supporting Professional Appropriation of Interactive CostumesMichaela Honauer, Danielle Wilde, Eva Hornecker
2019Best PaperForegrounding Everyday Sounds in DementiaMaarten Houben, Rens Brankaert, Saskia Bakker, Gail Kenning, Inge Bongers, Berry Eggen
2019Best PaperClearing the Smoke: The Changing Identities and Work of FirefightersAlyssa Rumsey, Christopher A. Le Dantec
2019Best PaperMorphIO: Entirely Soft Sensing and Actuation Modules for Programming Shape Changes through Tangible InteractionRyosuke Nakayama, Ryo Suzuki, Satoshi Nakamaru, Ryuma Niiyama, Yoshihiro Kawahara, Yasuaki Kakehi
2019Best PaperDesign in the HCI Classroom: Setting a Research AgendaLauren Wilcox, Betsy DiSalvo, Dick Henneman, Qiaosi Wang
2018Best PaperDesigning for an other Home: Expanding and Speculating on Different Forms of Domestic LifeDoenja Oogjes, William Odom, Pete Fung
2018Best PaperAn Annotated Portfolio on Doing Postphenomenology Through Research ProductsSabrina Hauser, Doenja Oogjes, Ron Wakkary, Peter-Paul Verbeek
2018Best PaperWords Become Worlds: The LIT ROOM, a Literacy Support Tool at Room-ScaleGeorge J. Schafer, Susan King Fullerton, Ian Walker, Amith Vijaykumar, Keith Evan Green
2018Best PaperTowards Materials for Computational Heirlooms: Blockchains and WristwatchesMehmet Aydin Bayta_, Aykut Co_kun, Asim Evren Yanta, Morten Fjeld
2018Best PaperRoaming Objects: Encoding Digital Histories of Use into Shared Objects and ToolsAnton Fedosov, William Odom, Marc Langheinrich, Ron Wakkary
2016Best PaperProbing the Potential of Post-Anthropocentric 3D PrintingLaura Devendorf, Abigail De Kosnik, Kate Mattingly, Kimiko Ryokai
2016Best PaperThe Tuning of Materials: A Designer's JourneyElvin Karana, Elisa Giaccardi, Niels Stamhuis, Jasper Goossensen
2016Best PaperSocial Justice-Oriented Interaction Design: Outlining Key Design Strategies and CommitmentsLynn Dombrowski, Ellie Harmon, Sarah Fox
2016Best PaperRevealing the Shopper Experience of Using a "Magic Mirror" Augmented Reality Make-Up ApplicationAna Javornik, Yvonne Rogers, Ana Maria Moutinho, Russell Freeman
2016Best PaperDesigning for the Third Hand: Empowering Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment through Creating and SharingAmanda Lazar, Raymundo Cornejo, Caroline Edasis, Anne Marie Piper


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