Best Paper Awards in Visualization

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VIS (InfoVis, VAST, SciVis)
2020VATLD: A Visual Analytics System to Assess, Understand and Improve Traffic Light DetectionLiang Gou, Lincan Zou, Nanxiang Li, Michael Hofmann, Shekar Arvind Kumar, Axel Wendt, and Liu Ren
2020Visual Reasoning Strategies and Satisficing: How Uncertainty Visualization Design Impacts Effect Size Judgments and DecisionsAlex Kale, Matthew Kay, and Jessica Hullman
2020Objective Observer-Relative Flow Visualization in Curved Spaces for Unsteady 2D Geophysical FlowsPeter Rautek, Matej Mlejnek, Johanna Beyer, Jakob Troidl, Hanspeter Pfister, Thomas Theussl, Markus Hadwiger


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